About Fleye Records

Fleye Records was founded in 2015 by Trausel & Vikkelsø, who ran it it for three years until they assigned the label to Filip Landin & Kim Sartil in 2018.

Fleye Records consists of 5 Live artists and 7 Dj’s.

Producers/Live artists: Artfix, D-Ther, Karmatrix, Porat, Tim Gath and Umreka.

DJ’s: Alexei, Filip Landin, Frank Sway, Guggi, Oyster and Vikkelsø.

Fleye Records doesn’t focus on one genre only. The only thing we focus on is great music!

We cover a variety of styles including Deep House/Chillout/TechTrance/Progressive Trance/Psytrance/Fullon/Nighttime Fullon and Forrest.

Fleye Records vision is to follow our passion for music and share it with people around the world.